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3 Tips to Consider Before Graduating with a Degree in Public Relations

December 2, 2013

LANERecently, I had the opportunity to speak with the vice president of LANE PR, Angie Galimanis. Galimanis has been with LANE PR since 2007 and formerly worked at Moonstruck Chocolate as the PR manager. LANE PR is an agency based in Portland and New York. LANE PR has worked with a variety of clients, such as Dutch Bros, Leatherman, Umpqua bank and The Heathman Hotel.

Check out these three key takeaways from our chat.

1. Do you have to stay in the same field or position forever?

Prior to my internship this summer I had no idea there were so many fields within the public relations world: digital PR, tech PR, consumer PR, sports PR – the list goes on. Angie reassured me that if you are unhappy in the tech PR, you can explore different field.

2. Does it feel like you get lost working in an agency?

Galimanis explained that LANE PR, Portland, is just the right size. Everyone seems to know each other by first name, although that doesn’t always mean you see everyone in a day. She mentioned that in an agency you have the opportunity to work with multiple clients and with a group of people at different levels in the company.

“You are always learning something new from each other, which you may not get all the time at a small firm.”

3. What should I be doing before graduation?

This being my last year at the University of Oregon, I couldn’t avoid asking Galimanis the big question of what I should be doing upon graduation. Galimanis’ main piece of advice, “Network and gain as much experience as possible.”  She emphasized how important it is to employers that you have some sort of internship, volunteer experience or background in the field. The PR world is competitive; extra experience in the field may distinguish you over the competition.

Angie gave me some great advice and a lot to think about as I approach graduation this June. She reassured me to stay in contact with her and to continue to meet and learn from people.

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