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Designing an Infographic

December 3, 2013

Recently, I had the opportunity to create an infographic for my strategic public relations class. This infographic focuses on what health benefit almonds offer.

Infographics are a great way to present data in an exciting way. The purpose of an infographic is to present in a quick and easy-to-understand format. Using visuals and color captures an audience’s attention and help to retain the information.

After completing my first infographic I learned a few key tips.

 Keep it simple

Know your audienceIt is important that you do not overwhelm your audience. Simple is more clean and the data are more clear and memorable. If you try to fit a ton of information in one page the audience will either not read all of it or not retain any of the information.

It’s much easier to create an infographic if you know exactly who your audience is. If you are unsure of the audience, your infographic will be more broad and it will be harder to know where to promote your work and which content to include.

 Don’t use too many font types or color

Do not use more than two fonts.  Too many fonts may make the infographic look unorganized and not as clean. You also want to use consistent colors. By using too many colors the infographic may look unprofessional and unorganized.  A good way to use color is by highlighting key words and making the text larger so it stands out.

Almonds Benefit

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